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Pieter Hermans, Jakajima, Opening and Welcome
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14:4015:00livia rosuLivia Rosu, Chair Marketing & Board Member, HomeGrid Forum / GiGAWire Alliance, on "Online Working and Gaming: The Home of Future from the Multi-Gigabit Connectivity Perspective", Read more
15:0015:20Gokul SrinivasanGokul Srinivasan, Director of Technology, Robots Expert Finland, on "5G Technology & Drones", Read more
15:2015:40Rudy Musschebroeck, Director Strategy & Market Development | Broadband Networks, CommScope, on "State of the Industry: what latency can we expect from our networks?", Read more
Break and Online Coffee Chat
16:0016:20Paul Blankers Paul Blankers, Senior Global Clinical Consultant/ Senior Clinical Advisor, Ascom healthcare, on "Impact of 5G on Healthcare", Read more
16:2016:40stefan idelerStefan Ideler, CTO, - A Ubisoft Company, on "Low Latency - The key for a good player experience", Read more
16:4017:00Doki TopsDoki Tops, CEO | Founder, Utomik, on "Changing the game with technology", Read more
End of Conference

The conference is part of the Photonics Applications Week. It is possible to attend several events / conferences / workshops during this week.

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